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some simple words I love to hear from a client: “Thank you so so much Kale!” Those and a few other kind words were sent to me in a text from this wonderful couple. Weston + Andrea contacted me about making a film to show at their wedding dinner, something to tell people who they are as a couple in this time in their lives. To tell the truth I was a bit overwhelmed with my editing workload and travel I had coming up but I am a sucker for compliments and find it difficult to say no to such kind-hearted people.

Fast forward a few weeks and a rainy day was in our forecast, for pretty much the only day possible to shoot with our conflicting schedules. But I never let weather get me down on a shoot and I had high expectations everything would go perfectly. Their idea was simple: head up to their families cabin (where Weston actually proposed to Andrea) and shoot their couples story film among the trees and crisp fall air. The weather worked so well in our favor and there were so many “happy little trees” it was quite Bob Rossesque.

It’s a strange thing and sort of cliche to say but all my stresses and worries go away as soon as I get behind my camera, I felt this so much on this particular shoot. My time with these two was short but had an impact. I can’t tell if it was the time and place, the couple, the story or probably a combination of them all but this has to be one of my favorite shoots to date.
Congratulations you two on your marriage, I’m positive the wedding was amazing.

Take a few minutes to meet Weston and Andrea…

weston + andrea | couples story film from Kale Fitch on Vimeo.

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