San Francisco to Monterey

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Words can’t begin to describe the wonderful friendship that has grown between myself and this couple: Kelvin + Vivienne. I could tell you the story of how they met or talk about their wedding day in Monterey and how fantastic it was but I will let the videos do the talking. I do want to say that for a couple to put so much trust in my talents and abilities is such a great feeling. Vivienne first booked me in September of 2010 and through countless emails and phone conversations we put her vision of a wedding video into reality. Their wedding took place in the Monterey Museum of Art in Monterey, CA and they actually had me out a few months later to shoot their couples story film in San Francisco. You can see the joy and happiness in their faces in each of these videos and I just love that about them, they are very real and honest people.

Couples Story Film:

Wedding Day Highlights:

P.S. Sorry Kelvin but I had to post our picture we took at the end of the SF shoot!
san francisco shoot

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